Jingchang Shi

Personal information

[email protected]
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Northwestern Polytechnical University
Ph. D. in CFD
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Sep 2014 - Dec 2021

Ph. D. Computational Fluid Dynamics, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Oct 2016 - Sep 2018

Visiting Ph. D. Student (CFD)(sponsored by CSC), University of Kansas, US

Sep 2010 - Jun 2014

Bachelor in Aeroengine, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Massively parallel CFD code

I develop a massively parallel CFD code NFS based on the high order Flux Reconstruction (FR) scheme. With Fortran 2008, it is organized in the OOP way. Similar to the famous open source code OpenFOAM, NFS is a general CFD solver on the unstructured grid. It has been verified in lots of cases and is able to solve various cases with the user provided input file and grid.

Highlights of NFS include the following

Profession skills

  1. Proficient in C++, Fortran, Python

  2. Proficient in HPC environment and MPI

  3. During the undergraduate stage, I used CUDA to implement a Poisson equation solver and employed multiple core CUDA optimization tricks including coalesced memory access, reduced threads divergence and redirected data access to shared memory to obtain a good performance.


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Research projects

  1. Study of STBLI using the high order FR scheme
  2. Systematic study of wall-modeled LES in the framework of FR
  3. Through the cases of a generic car mirror and the 30P30N three element airfoil, the high-order FR/CPR method is accurate and efficient in predicting the near-field aero-acoustics associated with turbulent vortices.
  4. Demonstrate that the thermal actuators are able to effectively control round jets.